About Us

Founded in 1910, JHC Chalfoun sal is a Lebanese family owned business recognized for its excellence in producing and supplying a wide variety of industrial and agricultural tools. The company began as a humble agriculture store and grew from this modest beginning to become a main player in the Lebanese wholesale market.
Based in Akaybe – Kesrouan, JHC Chalfoun has a widespread fleet of trucks and distributors that covers all the Lebanese territory ranging from Akkar to Bekaa valley to Nakoura.
Moreover, JHC Chalfoun takes pride in the exhaustive variety of the brands it offers. In fact​,​ the company currently owns four brands (TAHO, Chalfoun, TOP, and HENO) that are all in line with JHC Chalfoun’s ongoing commitment to provide only the best products. ​On top of that, it has exclusive licenses to distribute Italian, Spanish, and German brands.
Furthermore, JHC Chalfoun does not only furnish its clients with an extensive selection of accessories and spare parts of its merchandise, it also provides them with a high quality maintenance for all its products.